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Social Media

Confused by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc?  Do you want to access your customer base through Social Media but don’t know how?

Argo Facebook

With 800 million users and growing, Facebook is the largest Social Media Network by far.  If your products and services rely partly on customer recommendations then exploring your businesses use of Facebook could be worthwhile.  

The average user has 130 friends and connects to 80 community pages, groups and events.  Connecting with your customers on Facebook opens up your business to a wider consumer base, as each time you connect with them your business is visible to their friends, family and colleagues.

Argo can help construct a Facebook marketing plan, involving advertising, custom Group Pages and much much more. Argo Twitter Twitter offers a different business-consumer interaction, and Argo can help you to direct your ‘tweets’ and ‘follows’ to make the most out of your account, as well as integrating it to your new website.

Argo LinkedIn

The ‘grown-up’ Social Network - LinkedIn - offers a different action plan again, and is one that Argo can help you with.  From constructing your personal and business profiles to specialised LinkedIn Advertising, Argo can help you to extract more leads from your profile.

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